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Instead, Dallas Cheap Atlanta Hawks Jerseys ended up with a bad fit for an offense that regressed after being among the league's best at the time of the trade. Rondo also missed six games because of a broken bone near his left eye.

"My relationship with him was professional," Cheap Atlanta Hawks Jerseys China Carlisle said. "We learned a lot going through this - trying to make this thing work."

Rondo was benched late in a close game not long after the five-player deal that sent guard Jameer Nelson, center Brandan Wright and forward Jae Crowder to Boston. In February, Rondo and Carlisle had a shouting match on the court that resulted in a one-game suspension.

In Game 2 against the Rockets, Cheap Atlanta Hawks Jerseys Free Shipping Rondo sat for all but the first 34 seconds in the second half. He was pulled after quickly picking up his third and fourth fouls guarding James Harden, and getting a technical after one of the calls.

While Carlisle could have hidden behind foul trouble as the reason for yet another ineffective game, the coach changed everything by leaving Rondo on the bench for good.

The two quick fouls were puzzling, but paled compared to Rondo inexplicably getting called for an eight-second backcourt violation while walking the ball up the court in the first half. His poor Cheap Atlanta Hawks Jerseys From China defense right after the call led to an easy 3-pointer for Jason Terry.

With the Mavericks leading early in the fourth quarter and backup Devin Harrisunavailable because of a toe injury, Carlisle still didn't go back to Rondo. J.J. Barea, who scored 13 points, and seldom-used Raymond Felton were his choices.

"I don't make decisions out there," Cheap Atlanta Hawks Jerseys USA Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki said. "I thought Ray had some good stretches throughout the game, gave us a lift off the bench. I thought J.J. gave us a lift in the first half. I guess that's what coach rolled with."